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New Library Patron Account policies, taking affect JULY 1st, 2016

1.     Proof of identity (picture ID or authorized ID and local reference) and confirmed mailing address and phone number will be required to open an account with the Cutler Memorial Library beginning July 1, 2016.  New patrons will be allowed to borrow 5 books during their first visit, but must present library card (mailed to validate address) before having full access to our collection.

2.     People who do not live at least part-time in Plainfield or a neighboring town are eligible for a guest card. A guest card provides free access to our print collection, wi-fi & internet-based resources (databases, e-books and audiobooks, etc), and of course they can use the facility.  Interlibrary loan, digital devices, games, puzzles, hands-on bins, the telescope, audiobooks and DVDs/VHS videos will only circulate to local residents (Plainfield & neighboring towns) and out-of-town patrons who open a “FULL ACCESS GUEST” account, $15 per year per household with a confirmed local reference.

3.     Interlibrary loan DVD requests require $3 postage costs paid at the time of the request. A contribution of $3 is encouraged but not required for all other interlibrary loan requests.

4.     Overdue material will accrue late fees.  Late fines will accrue beginning 3 days after courtesy reminder call and/or email; 15 cents per day up to $5 per item or a maximum late fine of $25.  Reminder calls and emails will go out when items are more than three days overdue.

5.     Items more than five weeks overdue (or damaged to the extent its shelf life or usability is curtailed) will be billed for replacement. If a billed item is paid for but found & returned to the library before its replacement has been ordered, patron will receive a 75% refund on the returned material. Patrons may keep the original copy of items they have had to pay to replace.

6.     Patron accounts with more than $5 in unpaid late fees or an outstanding bill will have their account suspended until fines are resolved. Volunteer hours (valued at $10/hour) can be worked to pay off late fees, but (in most cases) not for billed books.

7.     Patrons with more than 3 incidents of borrowed materials accruing maximum late fines or of patron being billed for lost items more than 3 times in a 12-month period will have their library account restricted for six months. Restricted accounts may borrow up to five items from the print collection (only), are levied 25 cents a day fines instead of 15 cents, and cannot borrow items if they have items overdue or owe a late fee of any amount.

New Patrons are asked to sign this agreement:

·       I understand that the material I borrow is my responsibility and must be returned in the same condition I borrowed it. If lost, damaged or more than five weeks overdue, I will be billed for their replacement cost.

·       I can request an extended due date (“renew”) for most items.

·       I will be charged a fine for non-renewed overdue materials: 15 cents per item per day, with a $5 max per item. There will be a three day grace period after a phone or e-mail reminder.

·       Volunteer hours can be accepted as payment of fines.

·       Material more than five weeks late is considered lost, and I will be billed for replacement. If I return the billed item(s) within 21 days or before it is replaced, I will just be responsible for the late fee.

·       Patrons with a pattern of not returning material promptly will have their borrowing privilege restricted.

·       I am not eligible to borrow from the Cutler Library if my unpaid fines are more than $5, or I have an outstanding bill for unreturned items.

·       If I am a temporary or seasonal resident of the area, I will notify the library before leaving the area to confirm that all materials I checked out have been returned.    


For Library patrons under 18: I have my parent’s or guardian’s permission to open a library member account at the Cutler Memorial Library.             

Parent/guardian name:____________________________ telephone if different: ____________

Library patrons under 15 need their parent or guardian to apply for their card.

Parents/guardians must have a library account in good standing to request card(s) for their child(ren). Borrowers should be aware: parents/guardians of anyone under 15 years old have the right to know what the youth in their charge are borrowing.



Handheld electronic devices circulate similarly to a new book, but with more limitations: due back (1st open day after) 3 weeks and no renewal. If no other borrowers take the item within 5 open days, it can be re-borrowed, up to 6 times per year. Borrowers must have a library account in good standing that has been in use for at least six months (or a personal reference that does have a confirmed 6 months or older library account in good standing), and are asked to sign this agreement:

“I am responsible for the full replacement cost of the electronic device I am borrowing from the Cutler Memorial Library if it is not returned in the same condition in which it was borrowed, within 10 days of the due date of the device. I understand I will be charged a late fee of $1 for each day it is overdue up to a $25 total late fee. I understand that not returning this device constitutes theft and that I will be legally charged with theft if the item is more than 25 days overdue.

I understand and agree that I may load any materials I legally obtain onto the device for my own use, but must delete any copyrighted material (anything acquired by purchase) before returning device.*  I understand I must physically turn in the item myself during hours the library is open &  may have to wait my turn at the circulation desk so staff can go through a checklist with me.

Signed: ___________________________________”   

People under the age of 18 must have parents’ or guardians’ permission before entering into this agreement.  Initials: ________

*Please note that as of this time, E-reader licenses do not allow libraries to re-circulate material that was acquired for individual use. Therefore: the e-reader (and any other electronic devices with memory that may circulate in the future) can only have copyright-free materials loaded onto it when it is checked out and must be returned with only copyright-free materials when it is checked in.