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February 2015 newsletter

posted Feb 27, 2015, 12:15 PM by Cutler Memorial Library
  • Help us determine: "What's the best Story Time?"
  • Babysitter's Training, SIGN UP NOW!
  • Hands-On Bins
  • Vermont On-Line Library
  • New Books in many categories, thanks to many funders
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"Check it Out!"
Cutler Memorial Library News for February/March 2015

Please help us determine: "What is the Best Story Time?"
We are trying (really, really hard!) to create a weekly story time tradition at the Cutler Memorial Library in Plainfield.  Since January, every Thursday at 10:30 am we eagerly await children and their grown-ups to come gather around a few of the really great new picture books we’ve recently acquired thanks to grant support from the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation.  And then it’s 10:35.  And then it’s 10:40.  And then it’s 10:45, and still… no one comes. We aren’t sure why. But we’ll keep putting the invitation out there through May, unless we get feedback that suggests we should be doing something differently.  Wednesdays and Thursdays are the only days we are open in the morning, and Wednesday morning there’s an awesome story time in Marshfield already.  But we could offer a Sunday afternoon story time instead, if weekday story time isn’t what Plainfield families want.  Or perhaps we should just try to expand the outreach we already offer via local home child care programs with the help of more mobile volunteer storytellers?  We’d really like to know we’re doing the best we can.  Parents and guardians of preschoolers: please take a minute to give us your input. You can email us at or leave a voice message at 454-8504.  Your feedback is most appreciated!
Babysitters’ Training, SIGN UP NOW!
We still need six registrants for the FREE American Red Cross Babysitter’s Certificate Training, scheduled for Tuesday, March 3rd from 9 am to 3 pm at the Cutler Memorial Library in Plainfield.  This course can cost up to $125, but thanks to the support of the McClure Family Foundation, the ARC can offer it at NO COST to Vermont teenagers between eleven and fifteen years old.  American Red Cross Babysitter’s Training is fun and fast-paced with hands-on activities, exciting video, role-plays and lively discussions.

You’ll learn to be the best babysitter on the block. Plus, you’ll gain the confidence to make smart decisions and stay safe in any babysitting situation.
You’ll learn how to—
• Supervise children and infants.
• Perform basic child-care skills such as diapering and feeding.
• Choose safe, age-appropriate games and toys.
• Handle bedtime and discipline issues.
• Identify safety hazards and prevent injuries.
• Care for common injuries and emergencies such as choking, burns, cuts and bee stings.
• Communicate effectively with parents.
• Find and interview for babysitting jobs
At your Babysitter’s Training class, you’ll receive excellent materials to help you be prepared and professional, including:
• Babysitter’s Training Handbook—full-color handbook filled with great information and resources to use in class and on the job.
• Babysitter’s Training Emergency Reference Guide—this easy-to-
carry, compact booklet provides step-by-step instructions to handle common emergencies.
• Babysitter’s Training CD-ROM—provides tools to run your babysitting business, including a babysitting organizer; a printable activity booklet with games, crafts, songs and recipes; a resume template; and more.
But there’s a catch: if we don’t fill the class, they won’t run it.  Please call 454-8504 or send an email to with the contact information of the parent or guardian and the name and age of the registering teen(s).  Please bring your own lunch: an electric kettle, microwave and fridge are available.
Where's the Book Club Info?
Bookmark this link for the latest information!
Hands-on Bins
Thanks to support from Ben & Jerry’s and from Walmart, we have begun the assembly of 10 “Hands-On” Bins that adults can borrow in the interest of pursuing a new (or occasional) skill or hobby.  We’ve got state-of-the art instructional books in every bin, so our next step is the assembly of the rest of the bin’s contents. This is where we turn to you, dear neighbors: we need your tool and accessory donations! Most of us have useful items we don’t use any more. Perhaps you have some crochet hooks or knitting needles you’d like to share with novice fiber artists?  Cookie cutters, cake pans, candy molds will round out our “sweet tooth” bin.  Wood carving tools, scrapbooking accessories, embroidery thread, fabric hoops, felting needles… you get the idea, right?  Here are the categories and associated activities for each bin:
BASIC TOOLS includes jewelry-making, household repairs  ●  BICYCLE REPAIR  ●  DIGITAL MEDIA MAKER includes digital voice & video recording equipment for oral history interviews, video creation, music/sound recording  ●  “FARMERS’ FRIEND” BIN includes items to assist cheese making & sausage making enthusiasts  ●  FIBER ARTS BIN for knitting, crochet, felting enthusiasts   ●  INK & BRUSH BIN includes ink stones, brushes and calligraphy pens   ●  NEEDLE & THREAD BIN provides basic items for embroidery, needlepoint, cross-stitch and hand sewing     ●  PAPER ARTS BIN includes a paper cutter, paper punches, a screen for paper-making, for & misc. implements  and supplies for scrapbooking, pop-up card & book-making, book binding, cardboard construction, paper sculpture, kite-making & origami  ●   “SWEET TOOTH” BIN provides basic items for bakers, cake decorators and candy-makers   ●  WOOD & LEATHER BIN for carving, burning, whittling of wood as well as punches and accessories for leather working.

We’ll be inviting enthusiasts interested in the development of each bin to join us over tea every Sunday at 3 pm beginning March 8th (to discuss/assemble the BASIC TOOLS Bin).  The remainder of the month we’ll host get-togethers for the BICYCLE REPAIR Bin (March 15th), the DIGITAL MEDIA MAKER Bin (March 22nd), and the FARMERS’ FRIEND Bin (March 29th).  Even if you don’t have items you’d like to donate, we’d love for you to join us to weigh in on the “must include” checklist for each bin if it supports a hobby or skill dear-to-your-heart.  We do have some funds set aside from the grants we received to purchase what we cannot ‘dig up’ from the attics, basements and junk drawers of our craftiest community members.  
Vermont On-Line Library
If you haven’t already checked out the amazing list of information resources at your disposal with your Cutler Memorial Library account, we encourage you to take a peak:  Everything from Chilton manuals, resources for job seekers, medical information, business, news, popular culture, foreign language lessons, science research and information & homework references geared to a variety of students at a full range of levels from kindergarten to post-graduate to the ‘simply curious’… there are so manyKINDS of reliable and well-organized sets of information available to you through the Vermont On-Line Library.   Google isn’t the answer to everything.  TRY IT: you’ll LIKE IT.
So many new books, (still) so many cold days to read them....
We have been blessed with many sources of funding to boost our meager 2014-15 book budget.  

The generous support of THE FRIENDS OF THE CUTLER MEMORIAL LIBRARY has been paramount in so much of our book buying this year and in several recent years: we cannot acknowledge them enough, for without their help our New Books shelf would be a lonely and often near-empty display.  Specifically for new adult fiction, including many "best of 2014" selections, THANK YOU, FRIENDS!!

THE BEN & JERRY'S FOUNDATION has also recently enabled us to bring our picture book collection up-to-date.  In a separate grant, Ben &Jerry's money provided most of the instructional materials that will circulate in our new "Hands-On Bins" collection.  

An anonymous donor provided funding that we used to improve our mystery fiction, audio book, and junior readers' chapter book collections (yes, we now have Captain Underpants & Geronimo Stilton books as well as Daisy Dawson, Ruby Lu and Marty McGuire!).

Finally, with the overall increase to the book budget thanks to all of these supporters, we acquired a rich assortment of DK Eyewitness Books, and we're happy to announce we've got a complete set of the books by Vermont author and illustrator David Macaulay,
 for our nonfiction Youth Collection!

And let us not forget the 2014 grant from the Samara Foundation that provided funding to increase works representing the perspectives and experiences of people identifying as gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, questioning, and androgynous as well as last year's help from the Friends of the Cutler Memorial Library in acquiring many new DVDs for our video collection.  Wow, we're a lucky community with a lot of wonderful supporters.  

Come and borrow some of these great new materials!  
It's why we're here.