Master Gardeners at the Library

Heather Lynch is the project coordinators for the Cutler Memorial Library Garden Project, 2016. 

Come work with Master Gardeners at the library!

The Cutler Memorial Library has a number of garden beds that need continuing renovation, hard work, and love. There is a small perennial garden alongside the ramp which provides a handicapped entrance to the Library; a brightly colored and highly visible butterfly garden at the edge of Route 2; a large traditional perennial bed on the north side of the library which we are trying to transform into swaths of blue, purple, pink, and white; a potential shade garden in the backyard; a lilac bed under rejuvenation; and a red, white, and blue flower bed to complement the war memorial adjacent to the library.

The gardens have been an Extension Master Gardener project since 2008, with a small but dedicated team of Master Gardeners and knowledgeable volunteers. Four of us met on April 26th to plan out our activities for 2014. We generally work on Saturday mornings from 9 A.M. to 11 A.M., since the site is mostly shady until mid-morning. We hope you will join us!

Here are the dates for this year’s EMG work days:
May 28th
June 4th
June 11th
July 2nd
August 6th
September 3rd
October 8th

Our work plan is in a notebook in the library. For additional information, you can contact the library,, 802-454-8504.