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Digital Resources

We have high-speed fiber optic internet wi-fi at the library.  If you are using the signal from the parking lot, please be respectful of the a residents upstairs and complete your internet access session by 10 p.m.  

New in 2015, you can access the Vermont On-Line library from any internet connection with your Cutler Memorial Library account.  
Contact us for the remote password at

Introducing on-line tutorials for people learning English as a Second Language!
Basic ESL Online logo
Use this link: 
Basic ESL – Learn English Online

eBooks and Audiobooks

As a member of the Green Mountain Library Consortium, the Cutler Memorial Library offers its patrons direct access to eBooks and audiobooks located at listenupvermont.orgSign in here using 8504 plus your library card number -- see video below for more details.  We have an e-reader you can borrow, too!  
Green Mountain Library Consortium/Listen Up Vermont

Universal Class

Universal Class Logo

Cutler Memorial Library patrons have access to high quality online courses.
Begin exploring these courses by registering (one time only register with 2566700000 + your library card number to make a 14-digit registration number): State of Vermont Universal Class Registration page.

Digital Archives

We are posting historic materials relevant to Plainfield from our collection on an on-line archive using Google's (free) Open Gallery platform.  Check out the yearbooks, ranging from 1934 to the late 1960s (so far)!  All of the yearbooks we have are being digitized now and will be loaded up soon.

Video Tutorials

Patrons in good standing may borrow the NOOKTM  or our Kindle Simple Touch e-reader for personal or professional use the same way you would a book, audiobook or movie.  We can even show you how to load a borrowed e-book on it.  We also have a Windows Surface RT Tablet (with laptop settings and keyboard) and a Chromebook notebook computer that we will lend-out to patrons with a good borrowing history.  
We lend out the LCD projector to groups or individual use, but only for publicly-advertised, free events or non-profit group meetings.  In other words, regretfully we cannot lend the projector for private use such as a party or fee-based workshop.  The bulbs are very expensive to replace.  Make an appointment in advance, and plan to pick up the projector a day or two before the event and return it the next day we are open after the event.  The individual who borrows and returns the projector must have a Cutler Memorial Library card and sign an agreement before borrowing the device.
We also have three desktop computer stations with internet access for the public to use, and a color scanner that anyone with their own thumb drive or email account can use for free to scan photos or documents (converting them to digital form).  Black-and-white printing or copying is also available for 15 cents per page.

We're also pleased to announce our evolving Historic Digital Archive, found here:  It is a work in progress, so please check back regularly.

Community Links

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