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Hands-On Bins

Needle & Thread
vintage clip art

Paper Arts
vintage clip art of paper scissors
vintage clip art of "Page's liquid glue"

Paint & Draw
vintage clip art, hand holding artist's palette and brushes

Wood Burning
vintage label "Pyrography, complete instructions..."

Jewelry Making
vintage clip art jewelry box

Rug Hooking
Hand Weaving
Digital Media-Maker
Fiber Arts

 Assorted Tools
(household & carpentry)
to borrow individually, or assemble a set

Cutler Memorial Library patrons with a good borrowing history and confirmed address are eligible to 
check out any of these resources. We provide a photo guide to the returnable contents, clearly labelled 
so it's easy to use with the check-list. You'll inventory the items 1st when you check out, 2nd when 
you're packing up to return the bin to the library, and 3rd when the library staff person confirms all 
the contents of the bin are returned in clean, working order. We've listed the replacement cost for each 
item in the bin, in the event you lose or break a tool: we prefer that you replace the item with one of 
similar or better value and quality, but we'll also accept cash compensation for damaged or lost items.