Volunteers at the library play a number of important roles. Not only the formal volunteers, The Friends of the Library, who work hard to raise funds in support of books and programs, but also individuals who help with day-to-day operations and other projects, are keeping the library community vibrant and healthy.

We have several circulation desk volunteers who are here every week helping out, and other folks who regularly assist with story time and book cataloging, as well as other occasional helpers who pitch in for special events. Special thanks goes out to Emily Rappold for her creation of a mini replica of the library building for Old Home Day! And thanks, also to Greg Warner for his on-going web site support. We're always grateful for folks willing to be trained to substitute for the librarian when she is away at trainings and collaboration meetings, etc.

Please don't hesitate to add your name to the volunteer list.

If you have a new idea about something you can do for the library, or would like to present a program, we encourage you to stop by, email or call.