2019 Summer Story Time Every FRIDAY from 10:30 to 11 am

Here are links to our Summer Reading Log and a Summer Reading Bingo card! Also, you can request an emailed interactive reading log that has a pie chart that changes to illustrate how close you are to your personal reading goal! Ask us at info@cutlerlibrary.org

Our children's and youth large-format picture books are organized into two collections, "First Five" (F5), for introducing kids to books and reading; and for independent readers with longer attention spans, our "Youth Collection" (YC).

There are story books and learning (non-fiction) books in each of the categories as well as a collection of picture books that are not categorized in either F5 or YC: these are organized by the first letter of the author's last name in their own area of the library. There are also many board books that can be borrowed, as well as puzzles and games. We have an assortment of toys and building blocks of various types, too! Crayons, paper, scissors and glue sticks or tape are always available, too, and while our space is modest, we encourage families to check out our "hands-on" craft bins to use either at the library or take home. Children using borrowed craft bins or craft supplies should always be supervised.


  • Vermont
  • Nature
  • Growing Up
  • Rhymes & Songs
  • Stories
  • Transportation
  • Concepts
  • Favorites
  • Fairy Tales
  • Celebrations


  • Self and Society
  • Sports
  • Fun/Creativity
  • Poetry
  • STEM
  • Folk Tales
  • History & J Biographies
  • Facts
  • Young Adult Level Non-fiction & Sensitive Topics
  • Graphic Novels