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Have you been meaning to explore podcasts? Here are some titles: pick a couple to search out. You can listen from your browser on a computer or laptop, and also you can use a podcast application on your smartphone or tablet. Don't be scared! Poke around: it's a place to start. If you can't figure it out, call me during reasonable hours and I'll walk you through it if I'm not busy. 802-871-0562


Eye on the sky

The daily (NYT)

The Beat

The Last word


Civics 101

The good fight

The Oath


An arm and a leg

Deeper Dig

Vermont Edition

VPR Cafe’

But Why

Patient Zero

Brave Little State

New Yorker Radio Hour

Earshot- ABC

On Mic

The Archive Project

Vox Pop


Longform Stories

92Y talks

Talks at Google

Salon Air

Heyman Center

Live at Politics and Prose


Free Library of Philadelphia

Sixth and Live

The Greenlight


City arts and lectures

Aspen Ideas to Go

Ideas at the house

It’s a long story

Twenty Summers

Library Bytegeist

Library Talks


Ted Radio Hour

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings



Werk It

How to be a girl




Ear Hustle (San Quentin)


Kitchen Sisters


Family Secrets

Terrible Thanks for Asking

Conversations with people who hate me

Outside In

This Land


Memory Palace


Startup 1st season

YouTube offers an amazing universe of how-to instruction, including home repair, construction, cooking, fashion and more! Or you can watch medical procedures or sports or music or look up your favorite author, your favorite poet, your favorite song and see what turns up. There are humorous video bloggers that have their own series on their own YouTube channels, like Lilly Singh. There are old commercials, scenes from musicals, and cover songs done by many talented amateurs, local history speakers! You can even watch other peoples' recorded video games. Yes, people who like video games do that. And people who like farming can watch lambs being born any time of year! Most people know this about YouTube already. What are YOUR favorite YouTube channels?