Curbside Service Only

Our hours are the same but we are going to curbside service only to help keep our community safe.

Please call and we can bring your books to your car.

Thanks for understanding. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

A Glitch in the Catalog

While searching in the catalog, you may encounter an endless "spin-cycle." This only occurs if we do not have a title in our collection. Essentially, the computer has been sent on one of those wild goose chases, endlessly looking for a nonexistent title.

This is a system-wide problem and those that try to solve these sorts of troubles are busy working on a solution. If you get caught in the spin-cycle, please put the system out of its futile misery and move right over to the "Interlibrary Loan" tab, to request your title there. We order through Interlibrary Loans all the time and are happy to do so. Feel free to phone or email us your request, if it is easier.

Now, if you are looking for multiple titles in the catalog and you get stuck, all you need to do to get out of the cycle is enter a new search term. If we own that title in the collection it will appear. You do not need to log in to use the catalog.

We're open for curbside service.

3-6 pm Sun., Tues., Thurs., Fri.

Staying Safe with COVID-19

See our COVID-19 Links page for more information.

You may request library materials at any time for curbside pickup when we're open.

454-8504 or

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Helpful Information

Looking for something to borrow, or to check your account? Check our CATALOG here.

Need to request something you know we don't have? Use this online REQUEST FORM. Patrons only, please.

Only books, movies and audiobooks are circulating now, through curbside pick-up. Please check back about using the space, or use our DIGITAL RESOURCES!

We will open the building to the public again, when it has been deemed safe to do so. Please expect that we'll require visitors over 5 years old to wear a mask and wash their hands upon entering the building.

Be safe, everyone! Stay well.

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*To connect to the wi-fi, your device needs to go through our "I-agree-to-your-rules 'gate'" page. Most devices automatically give you the log-in page (just hit the "I agree" button instead of logging in). But if you have trouble... turn off/close any programs that will automatically try to grab that signal before you've agreed to the rules such as Messenger, Drop Box, Facebook, etc. Or check if your Messenger app opened and is trying to link you to the "agree" page. Try opening a 2nd tab on your browser or entering a web address in the url field, if that doesn't work. You may have to disconnect and then try to reconnect if you had to close any open programs, to try again. You can call 871-0562 during reasonable hours and the librarian will help you troubleshoot if you are still stuck. It's OK to call!*